Ministry Homes


  • New residents are encouraged to slow down and relax, not make up for lost time.  They adjust to living outside the walls, learn from their home mates, engage in individual devotions, participate in weekly Bible studies, plus enjoy delicious meals!
  • Time is required to acclimate to many changes (debit cards at check-out lanes, mobile phones, internet) which have occurred during their last 10 – 25 years of incarceration.
  • Residents meet other brothers in Christ for support and accountability by attending:
    • CLEAR (Coalition for Leadership, Education, Advice, and Rehabilitation)
    • CONTACT (Celebrating Our Network of Trust, Accountability, Collaboration and Training)
    • Men’s Breakfast
    • 70 x 7 Life Recovery luncheons, life skills and work skills

Ministry Highlights

In eleven years through 2018: 

  • Over 110 residents have income from employment and serve the community.
  • 12 residents purchased their own home with a sizeable down payment.
  • Many became members of their church.
  • Six alumni residents married Christian women.
  • Alumni residents keep in touch, serve the Lord, give back what was freely given to them.
  • LWMN has a 92% success rate of residents not returning to prison.