Living Waters Ministry Established

July 24, 1990

Living Water Ministry Network formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Carl Gunn, the Founder and Executive Director, began the ministry by visiting men in prison at Muskegon Correctional Facility. He invited volunteers to share the love of Jesus Christ through Bible studies and visits.

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Jim Bright met Carl Gunn

July 24, 2005

Jim Bright met Carl Gunn and joined his prison ministry team.

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Jim Bright appointed Executive Director

July 24, 2007

Carl Gunn appointed Jim Bright as Executive Director and his wife, Linda, as Secretary/Treasurer of LWMN.

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First Ministry Home Opened

July 24, 2009

LWMN began managing a five-bedroom Ministry Home for men. At a Men’s Bible Study, Pastor Jim Bright shared his vision to provide housing for men paroling from prison. A pastor offered LWMN a home to manage and to pay for the monthly mortgage, utilities, repairs, and maintenance. A Bible-believing church…

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Second Home Purchased

December 24, 2009

Six months later, LWMN purchased a four-apartment Ministry Home paying cash. As of today, 30 men have resided in this house, three are still active in the ministry and one is the current Executive Director.

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Living Waters Ministry Blessed of God

July 24, 2015

For seven years, God provided for all the ministry needs for 59 residents. LWMN refined the application process, created a Home Policy for residents and developed community connections for supportive services. Relationships were established with parole agents, community churches, businesses, and organizations.  A successful plan for residents to not return…

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Third Home Opened for Residents

October 24, 2015

LWMN leased a six-bedroom Ministry Home with an upstairs apartment.  This home was purchased debt-free in 2019.  As of today 40 residents have lived in this home, including the Resident Manager.  13 of these men are active in the ministry. All the Ministry Homes are empty and unfurnished when purchased….

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Fourth Home opened to Residents

November 24, 2015

LWM signed a land contract on a two-bedroom Ministry Home with an upstairs apartment. One of our board members had the opportunity to purchase a home at a good price and asked the board if they would like a Ministry Home to house at-risk young men. This home would be…

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House sold; House purchased

April 24, 2018

LWMN sold the four-apartment Ministry Home and used those funds to purchase another five-bedroom Ministry Home debt-free.  This house was sold in 2019 to purchase a fifth Ministry Home.  A total of 9 residents lived here with 4 remaining active in the ministry.

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First Home Purchased

August 24, 2018

After eight years of managing our first Ministry Home, LWMN purchased this five-bedroom Ministry Home, debt-free.

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Greg Oliver Appointed Executive Director

October 24, 2019

Jim and Linda Bright retire as Executive Director, Financial Officer.  Greg Oliver is appointed as the new Executive Director is Greg Oliver. “…Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in…

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Fifth Ministry Home receives residents

August 3, 2020

Fifth Ministry Home receives residents in 2020. The newest residence is home to 5 residents.  One of the residents did a wonderful job landscaping this home.  

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